HKS Forge currently supplies two types of forgings to the automotive customer. The customer recently requested that these forgings be machined to final form and ready for use without further modifications.

"Following this demand, we have purchased a CNC lathe for machining forgings and are currently working on starting its operation", said Slavomír Gregor, Production and Technical Director at HKS Forge. Additional machines are expected to arrive at the new workplace as early as next spring, he said.

The final machining of forgings is already a common customer requirement. The forge is now one step closer to competing plants from the Czech Republic or Lithuania. "We have jumped on this train as well and we believe that it will bring us more contracts", said Slavomír Gregor.

In the end, the forge should deliver 300 thousand forgings per year for the client. On the day of the CNC lathe start-up, Marek Rambala, head of machining, was setting all the important parameters for plate sampling on the machine.

"The machine first lathes the forging, reaching speeds of up to 400 revolutions per minute, drills holes of the required dimensions in the second phase, and finally the screw tap makes threads in the third phase", he explained. The CNC machine was manufactured in Taiwan and supplied to the forge by a company from Nové Zámky.